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Expert Transcranial Doppler Training

At Teach Me TCD, we understand the importance of providing proper training to healthcare providers on how to perform Transcranial Doppler (TCD). Our TCD training course is designed to help healthcare providers learn the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully perform TCD.

How Can We Assist You?

Our transcranial doppler training course covers a wide range of topics, and we believe that this course provides healthcare providers with all the necessary information they need to perform TCD with confidence and ease.

We understand that learning to insonate all the cerebral arteries can be challenging, but we have developed a comprehensive training program that outlines the steps needed to properly perform TCD. Our training program covers key topics such as M-mode and spectrogram, which are critical to understanding the nuances of TCD.

We also know that pitfalls and tips and tricks can be very helpful to healthcare providers when performing TCD. That’s why we include real-life examples and case studies in our TCD training course to help healthcare providers navigate through difficult situations when performing TCD.

Why Choose Teach Me TCD?

At Teach Me TCD, we believe that the best way to teach TCD is through our training course. With our course, healthcare providers can learn and receive credit for their knowledge and participation.

We strive to provide the most personable training experience; our instructors are professional and approachable, and we have a strong online community that can help support healthcare providers during their learning journey.

In summary, our TCD training course covers everything healthcare providers need to know to become well-versed in TCD. From the history of TCD to how to insonate all the cerebral arteries, our training program is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and experience, giving healthcare providers the confidence they need to perform TCD successfully. Contact us today to learn more!


This course is designed to introduce Transcranial Doppler (TCD), the history of TCD, and how to perform TCD to health care providers. This course includes a 55-minute webinar with a 10-question quiz. Upon completion of the quiz with a passing grade of 80% or better, 1 CME certificate through the Society for Vascular Ultrasound is provided.

  • Highlighting the necessary information healthcare providers need to perform TCD.
  • Reviewing the breakdown of M-mode, the spectrogram, history of TCD, the cerebral anatomy, how to perform TCD, and common protocols used for performing TCD.
  • Outlining the fundamentals of TCD and how to insonate all the cerebral arteries.
  • Describing the pitfalls and tips and tricks to TCD.

Course Content

Intro to TCD
Intro to TCD

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